“Labor Relations as Part of the Business Strategy”



Acquire the tools to

stand out professionally

in the face of this new labor

relations scheme in Mexico.

August 31 to December 2, 2021


100% Synchronous virtual mode


The seminar on “Labor Relations as Part of the Business Strategy” was born as a need of companies in Ciudad Juárez since 2017 to support the professionalization of personnel working within the Human Resources departments in companies, specifically in the matter of relations labor, in order to strengthen their performance and their participation in the business strategy, preventing through their daily actions, the birth of individual and collective labor disputes.


The seminar has been created with the aim of reinforcing skills and updating knowledge around the new labor framework based on national regulations and international agreements, so that attendees are able to effectively participate in the reinterpretation of business strategies integrating the prevention of labor disputes as the basis of all planning.


This seminar seeks that Human Resources professionals in the region are prepared to face the challenges that the work environment brings with it, to finally ensure the well-being of employees and the competitiveness of companies.


4 hours


14 weeks


First seminar of

its kind in

tu dispositivo


Local national,

and international



Current factors

in the work


Why participate?

  • Increase the skills of personnel management to obtain a better performance in the strategic and transversal activities of the company


  • Develop critical thinking about your mission in the company and your impact on others


  • Expand your network and connect with professionals in the industry


  • Opportunity to create and strengthen a learning community on the subject


Who should attend?

  • Professionals from the Human Resources department and its related areas from all industries


  • Professionals from the Human Resources department and its related areas of IMMEX


  • Anyone seeking to initiate or complement their knowledge on the subject


  • Personnel with a career and life plan identified in Human Resources

What topics does it cover?

I. Introduction to international labor treaties and their adaptation to Mexico


II. How to start and maintain the employment relationship


III. How to terminate the employment relationship


IV. Strategic aspects of social security and its impact on both the worker and the company


V. Importance of labor compliance, internal conciliation and attention to inspections


VI. Changes brought about by the labor reform in individual and union relations


VII. Change management and communication for labor relations


VIII. Theory of negotiation for the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts


IX. Developing a labor management system


X. My service mission: to influence the lives of others as part of your personal mission

Registration Deadline: Friday, August 20, 2021



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