Our vision is to make Juárez the best city to work in Mexico

We agree with the idea that human talent is the most important factor for our city’s development, that is why we commit on 2016 to invest on the institutionalization of the labor market through the creation of a Labor Competitiveness Committee.


As an affiliated group to Desarrollo Económico de Ciudad Juárez A.C., a local business oriented NGO, we aim for successful relations between employees and employers, as well as dialogue among leaders from private and public sectors to enhance employees’ quality of life and labor market through research, information and public policy.

Quality of Life

Develop strategies for lower wage workers to achieve a higher purchasing power, and hence, a better quality of life with improved labor, public and social conditions.


Work to make Juarez a more competitive city on a global scale with continued research for achieving a competitive advantage through our workforce.

Efficient Labor Market

Give public certainty about our labor market through strong data that can be used on decision making and city development, as well as achieving a clearer outlook on labor justice.

Labor Competitiveness Institute

Create an institute dedicated to the analysis of Mexico’s northern region labor market focused on promoting labor competitiveness studies.

Contact us if you are interested in participating as a donor, volunteer, researcher or writer.

Your work will help us to successfully achieve our goals.

Our goals are categorized into four strategic areas


Encourage activities that promote training, work satisfaction and productivity.

Legal Framework ​

Foster proposals to enhance processes and transparency of the labor legal system.

Purchasing Power

Develop studies on cost of living, compensations, spending, salaries and benefits.

Employee Services

Follow up on public projects that upgrade employees’ quality of life.