Microsoft training Latins in tech for better jobs

Microsoft training Latins in tech for better jobs
Only 15% of young people who study a university degree in computer science in the US belong to underrepresented minorities, including the Hispanic community. WASHINGTON (EFE) –
The technological giant Microsoft seeks to enhance technological skills in the Hispanic community in the United States through the TechSpark program, an initiative that aims to create job opportunities, in addition to educating and expanding the internet connection in rural areas.
“Technological skills are not reaching Latinos in the same way as other groups in our country, so we want to play an important role and help empower them,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith.
The program, which has been launched gradually in six cities in the United States and will last a minimum of 5 years, aims to technologically prepare Latinos so they can aspire to more qualified jobs, including within Microsoft.


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