Margarita Zavala proposes removing ISR to those who earn less than 15 thousand pesos

EL UNIVERSAL, 08-01-2017, Suzzete Alcántara

The presidential candidate of the PAN, Margarita Zavala, proposed to remove the Income Tax (ISR), all people who earn less than 15 thousand pesos per month. 

In a video on his social media account, he said they share citizen proposals such as those of IMCO and COPARMEX, which seek that the federal government be the one to “tighten the belt” and not the people. The wife of former President Felipe Calderón said that his idea is viable and also eliminates corruption, which according to studies costs Mexicans 10% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

It also promotes the elimination of the support fund for deputies, as well as eliminating funding for all political parties, in addition to removing “useless” expenses in duplicate programs and government advertising. “The government charges more and more taxes. He spends them badly or flatly steals them. Meanwhile people, it is difficult to make ends meet because … it is not enough! In I with Mexico we propose to remove the Income Tax (ISR), to all people who earn less than 15 thousand pesos a month, “he said. At the end of the video message, he asked the citizens to send their proposals to the email:


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