Few workers for lots of employment

Few workers for lots of employment

El Diario | April 23, 2018 |www.diario.mx

Among the maquila, commerce and construction, there is a shortage of 26 thousand workers in the city.

The strategies implemented by the three sectors, pillars of the local economy, have been insufficient.

Labor oversupply has unleashed even the scramble of workers who ‘jump’ in search of the best opportunity, from one place in the trade to another in the maquila, for example.

According to María Teresa Delgado Zárate, president of Index, the umbrella organization for the maquila sector in the city, the lack of workers in the sector amounts to 11 thousand, which has prompted companies to offer more and more bonuses and benefits. However, the rotation remains at a very high level.

Regarding trade, Carlos Castañeda Echaniz, director of the local National Chamber of Commerce, reported that the deficit increased to 10 thousand on a par with the construction boom and opening of more businesses.

He indicated that one of the factors is that in the face of oversupply in the maquiladora, many of those interested in obtaining a job, choose to go to these companies.



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