Salary hikes for TLC threaten maquilas

Salary hikes for TLC threaten maquilas

Agencia Reforma | April 20, 2018 |

Ciudad de México–The proposal to raise salaries by decree, as it is intended in the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), will reduce the competitiveness of maquiladora production.

This was the opinion of Luis Aguirre Lang, president of the National Council of the Manufacturing Industry and Export Maquiladora (Index).

On average, according to data from this organization, the salaries paid to the employees of the maquiladoras are 30 percent higher than those of companies that, even when they export, do not have a maquiladora certificate (IMMEX).

“I think it’s inappropriate to be raising the salary. One of the points that make us competitive as a region, and that give us value, are the differences we make from the offer that Mexico, the US and Canada offer, and although we have a cheaper workforce, in the end this also it generates regional competitiveness, “he said at a press conference.



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